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About Us

La Ocri is an innovator in the anti-aging world. We are aware of the numerous factors to how skin damage occurs. Each and every La Ocri product consists of a vast number of ingredients which take into account skin issues from a host of angles. By presenting the multitude causes of epidermal damage, we secure optimal efficacy and supply you with the most scientifically innovative skin care products. We comprehend the science involved with skin restoration and aging of the skin. Our active blend of anti-aging ingredients properly fulfills various mechanisms behind the process. Skin restoration and regression is a complicated process due in part to aging.
La Ocri is at the forefront race to perfect youthful and vibrant skin.

We have examined closely and researched endlessly to seek out the most effective biologically active ingredients to help restore and preserve youthful healthy skin. La Ocri has a team of scientists uniting the most advanced technologies and ingredients from around the world. At La Ocri beauty runs skin deep, why not indulge and give your precious skin that extra love and attention.

La Ocri offers the finest natural and organic skin care needs. We implement the power of nature with essential oil elixirs that are primarily 100% natural in origin. Our formulas consist of high quality natural ingredients. All ingredients are extensively researched and blended to each product to assist with specific skin conditions for supreme efficacy. All our products are designed to nourish your skin for natural beauty and happiness.

Magnificent anti-aging skin products which are made in Canada.